You’ll change

A few of my girlfriends were charmed into buying boy-band concert tickets for their tweener daughters 2 years in advance.

At the time, every one of those kids was in steadfast boy-band love and insisted that there would be no contentment for anyone in this incarnation without those tickets.  Two years later, all of those (now-teenaged) girls were somewhere between lukewarm and embarrassed about the tickets once the concert rolled around. Some bailed. Some tried to sell their tickets.  Some were forced to attend the concert by their grouchy mamas. Some of those grouchy mamas went too, with tickets originally destined for similarly disenchanted teen-aged girlfriends.  I was spared all of the drama and the dilemma because my #3 teenaged kid is a drama-geek. Something I am grateful for every day.

First off, brilliant boy-band marketing scheme.  Secondly, a splendid reminder that people change.  Great news for those of us who hate cooking or are otherwise imperfect.

I’ve changed.  In commonplace and extraordinary ways in the 18 months I’ve been paleo. I’ve lost 75lbs and maintained that new weight for over a year.  I’ve become an avid, rabid trail runner.  I’ve learned how to (re)inhabit my house, my body and my life.  And I’ve learned how to not hate cooking.  Mostly.

In less time that it takes to fall out of love with a boy-band.

2 thoughts on “You’ll change

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