A paleo week


Here’s my real-life paleo week in summary, from Thanksgiving Monday until Sunday evening.

Caveat: A week in my life pre-paleo was nothing like this.

Paleo week kilometers: 63. That breaks down to:

  • 11.5km walking;
  • 8.5km mushroom foraging; &
  • 43km trail running, which coincidentally is about the length of a marathon…  and that is amusing because marathoners usually finish in under 5 hours and I rocked one in just 7 days!;

I log my physical activities on mapmyrun.com, but had to guess for the mushroom hunting expedition as we were off-trail most of the time.

Though a week in my pre-paleo life wasn’t anything like this with regard to activity and food, some things remain the same. I still have a career, I’m still married to the sexiest man on the planet, and I still have a couple of fascinating, miscreant teenagers. But eighteen months ago, my weekly km log was more in the 0.00 range and I didn’t own a pair of running shoes. I went to yoga because it was the form exercise I hated the least, but the time I spent dreading yoga compared to the time I spent in class ran about 12:1.

Here’s my paleo week foodstuffs:

  Breakfast I rarely plan a lunch-type meal. Sometimes I want one and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I eat leftovers or veg or nuts or salad. Sometimes I eat nothing. Supper
Monday Coho salmon, yam oven fries, avocado Turkey, roast parsnips & onions, green salad, blackberries & coconut cream
Tuesday Scrambled eggs, kabocha squash, avocado Turkey soup with leeks, cauli-rice pilaf
Wednesday Bacon, yam oven fries, cooked kale Leftover turkey soup with leeks, chanterelles with garlic
Thursday Ham, spaghetti squash with paleo pad thai sauce & cashews Steak, tabbouleh salad (made with leftover cauli-rice pilaf)
Friday Chanterelle & kale omelettes, yam & carrot oven fries ‘Zucchini yacht’ stuffed with ground bison, green salad
Saturday Ahi tuna steaks, sautéed apples with walnuts & bacon Beef & mushroom slow cooker stew, sliced cucumber & green olives
Sunday Coconut pancakes with blackberries & maple syrup Fry-up of ground chicken, savoy cabbage & chard

Food notes:

  • I stowed turkey soup, chanterelles in turkey stock, and beef stew in the freezer for a rainy day.
  • I put my higher carb foods into breakfast this week as I was running most mornings before I ate.
  • Yams were 45 cents a pound for thanksgiving and they looked dandy! Even though I normally lurk the organic section in the supermarket, when conventional yams are looking that pretty & are that cheap… we eat yam-fries!
  • In some ways this is a typical week but in other ways it’s just a randomized snapshot. For example, last week I ate a lot of sauerkraut at breakfast, but this week not once.

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