It’s a Poem: Paleo Takes Time

Two of my kids had the remarkable luck to get Larry as a teacher.

Sometimes Larry would take his class outside 5 times in a day.

Whenever it snowed, the class spent the entire day sledding. No parent volunteers or carpools or rigmarole, just Larry & the kids in the snow.

Larry always welcomed the most boisterous & oppositional children into his classroom (I had one of those…) and the weird thing was you couldn’t even tell they were boisterous & oppositional a few months later.

He would call kids at home on their birthday. Six years after they’d left his class. Not all kids, just the ones who needed it (I had one of those, too).

My kids told me that he sometimes raised his voice, but what I observed was Larry standing at the front of the class after recess, quietly reading aloud. From full-fledged post-recess pandemonium, the kids just got quieter, and drew closer, and settled in. All by themselves.

I always attended Larry’s class meetings.

At the first meeting he told us that he had 4 grown children, and that his partner had homeschooled them all. Which told me everything I needed to know about his educational philosophy.

At another meeting, Larry told us he was going to write us a poem. He wrote 3 letters: ‘TTT’ on the blackboard.

The poem was: Things Take Time.

Then he told us about students he’d had. Students who would have been described as boisterous & oppositional who, years later, found their passion and did amazing things.

Healing Takes Time

It took 5 months for me to lose 75lbs, but that was only the beginning.

After 6 months my depression lifted.

After 17 months I suddenly realized that every one of my health problems had disappeared (and had been gone for quite some time).

My healing process is ongoing and is occurring at increasingly refined levels.

If you are dealing with complex health issues, paleo might help. It might give you energy, resolve some issues, and give you strength to manage your condition better.

My husband has an autoimmune condition called psoriatic arthritis. We did a 30-day autoimmune protocol last July and at the end of it he was really disappointed that he wasn’t feeling better. He wasn’t cured. But that was only our first 30.  We’re doing another one starting December 21.


When embarking on the paleo experiment, it might be helpful to keep Larry’s poem in mind. If your health problems are particularly boisterous and oppositional, they might take time.

If we had all grown up in a world organized by Larry, I think we’d have less healing to do.

But that kind of change will take time, too.

5 thoughts on “It’s a Poem: Paleo Takes Time

  1. I had a very similar experience to you Petra. My autoimmune condition is gone and numerous health issues have resolved. I still have some healing to do to repair my gut and its a work in progress. It’s been five years and I believe it will be a couple more before I work out the last couple of bugs. I love this post because its so important to realize that we have been inadvertantly messing up our health our entire lives and repair is slow.

    • Repair can be slow. Healing can also be quite rapid. The more complex the health issue, the longer healing might take. I think the biggest challenge for people dealing with truly complex health issues is generating sustained energy to commit to paleo while continuing to manage chronic pain and other debilitating aspects of their condition.

  2. I loved reading this one. Again, I enjoy the point being slid in at the end. For me, it sinks in this way. How I would love for my kids to go outside 5 times a day… And how I dream about homeschooling them. In terms of eating paleo… you have me curious. I have always felt better eating less grains/carbs, and more fruits/veggies and protein. However, it’s tricky for me to re-imagine a daily diet. What would I eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I’m quite set on the cereal, sandwich/crackers, and pasta/pizza crust routine… Maybe I’ll start with breakfast and then tackle lunch and dinner. TTT… Gotta remember that one. 😉 Ocean

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