Top 3 tips for Paleo Newbs

Top 3 tips

I’ve been surprised by the number of people who have told me they are going paleo after reading my blog.

When I started, I thought that if it made a difference to one person I’d be thrilled.

I had lunch with a friend who was on Paleo day 11. She’d already lost 8 pounds but what she was really hoping for was the lifting of her ‘brain fog’. That takes time.

She asked me for my Top 3 Tips for people just starting out on the paleo path.

The first 2 were easy:

  1. Don’t stress about exercise. Learning to locate & prepare paleo food while dealing with withdrawal from sugars & starches is enough. If trying to fit in exercise is stressing you out, concentrate on paleo-purity until your energy levels soar and all you want to do is move.
  2. Plan & be prepared. Plan your meals, your food shopping & your food prep time. I always plan my meals 1-2 weeks in advance. I also keep bison jerky in my purse. Made from genuine Vancouver Island bison raised by genuine Vancouver Island Hell’s Angels. I rarely need it, but I always have it. Just knowing it’s there is enables me to do my thing out in the world without worrying about where I’ll find food I can eat.

It took me a minute to think of #3, but it might be the most difficult and the most important:

  1. Be gentle and loving with yourself. I know that sounds like an inane new-age cliché. But if you’ve been self-medicating with starches & sugars for years, (like I did for decades) going paleo is going to be an intensive whole-self healing process. Fatuous new-age clichés notwithstanding, the ONLY way to do that kind of healing work is to find self-love. Grrrr. That’s still my response some days: I don’t want to do self-love & healing today, I just want self-loathing & a brioche. And, irritatingly, it’s days like that when you need to be especially gentle and loving with yourself.

5 thoughts on “Top 3 tips for Paleo Newbs

  1. Love tips #1! I think too many people jump in and stress about exercising too and inevitably their diet ends up becoming secondary because they don’t realize FOOD is WAY more important!

    • I agree. I think reducing stress needs to be a primary consideration. Then eating food that gives you the energy that makes you want to exercise makes the whole thing self-sustaining!

      • EXACTLY! Things will fall into place naturally if you focus on the right things (stress reduction, sleep quality, food quality) so you won’t feel like you are “obligated” or “forced” to exercise.

  2. People need to know that going Paleo is not going on a “diet” as we’ve been trained to think of as a temporary quick fix for a hugely complex issue. I love the evolutionary tenet to the concept of eating for our adapted bodies and not what the modern world is throwing our way. when viewed through the evolutionary lense, everything makes sense and becomes intuitive…

    • Including ‘exercise’ which has only become a necessary consideration as our work has become divorced from movement. It’s sleeting outside today though, so I am feeling deep gratitude for my desk job. And my hot yoga studio!

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