9 Ways to Prepare for an Autoimmune Protocol

Here are the 9 ways I got ready for my impending Autoimmune Protocol:

  1. Organized our 1st bulk order of local grass-fed beef;
  2. Went to the thrift store to get baking dishes & bowls & pot lids in sizes I have often thought would be convenient but have always done without;
  3. Learned to make homemade Coconut Milk;
  4. Discovered that I cannot get sufficient whipped coconut cream from homemade coconut milk no matter how long I refrigerate it, so found a recipe for Coconut Butter on Mark’s Daily Apple which I’ll try next;
  5. Stalked AIP recipes online (the weekly AIP recipe roundtable on Phoenix Helix is a great place to start). I also modified my existing recipes to make them AIP-friendly & printed them all out & organized them in a binder, which is not even remotely the type of thing I usually do. It even has dividers!;

    Lunch is always leftovers & veg so I don't put it my meal plans. Also, I don't include sides like avocado, crudités & sauerkraut, because they just happen.

    Lunch is always leftovers & veg so I don’t put it in my meal plans. Also, I don’t include sides like avocado, crudités & sauerkraut, because they just happen.

  6. Made a basic 9-day rotation menu which is already out of date because I won’t make those pan-fried plantains ever again. Why a 9-day rotation? To save us from the institutionalized sensation of knowing it’s beef-stew-Tuesday again. Also 9 eventually becomes 45 & 90 which are nice round numbers to aim for.
  7. Helped my #2 kid move (because paleo happens in the stream of life). Full disclosure: He moved into my basement suite. And ‘borrrowed’ his 1st month’s rent from me…
  8. Had a cooking-free day. It was my 43rd birthday on the 19th so I indulged with breakfast out at Mo:Lé with my #3 kid. She even missed A-block to celebrate with me. I quizzed her for her Science test and we shared a pot of earl grey tea. I had the raw-vegan Caesar salad with a side of bacon. For dinner, Matthew & I went to Café Brio. He had the vension and I had pork loin with sunchokes (I’ve seen them carry whole pigs across the sidewalk into that place). We both had dessert. And I have to say, I would have liked my poached apples & apple sorbet better if they had been half as sweet.
  9. Bought plantains for the first time ever & prepared them 3 ways:


My rating

AIP-modified version of Plantain Nachos from Well-Fed 2

5 stars!

Pan-fried Plantains from Well-Fed 2


Plantain Crackers from The Paleo Mom


5 thoughts on “9 Ways to Prepare for an Autoimmune Protocol

  1. I am totally impressed with your organization, and love that you had a cooking-free day before diving in. I can’t get homemade coconut milk to whip either. For special occasion desserts, I order Aroy-D’s coconut cream online. It’s additive-free and super thick and easy to whip. Unfortunately it’s also expensive, which is why I save it for special occasions. (An AIP pro tip from me to you.) Good luck!

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