10 tips for (AIP) workday survival

  1. vegBring a vast container of crudités (with olives) for desk-side snacking;
  2. Drink herbal tea throughout the day. It’s hydrating, reassuring & (once you get into it) fun;
  3. Do food prep on the weekend;
  4. Invest in food storage containers;
  5. Wash your containers at work (I let mine air dry in a cloth grocery bag by my desk). Dirty food containers at the end of an exhausting day (or even worse, at the beginning of one) can completely throw you off your groove;
  6. Plan leftovers for workday lunches;AIP food kit
  7. Have an emergency supply of food. My paleo standbys were nuts or jerky. Neither of those are AIP-legal, so now I have the ingredients for salmon nori wraps in my desk drawer. Just in case I have to work late or I’m remiss about packing or planning. I’ve been starting with a greenish avocado, which I eat & replace every few days. Ripe avocados don’t travel well anyway & this way I get to eat perfectly ripe avos at work a couple times a week;
  8. If you are making salad for supper, it’s easy to make one for work at the same time. Or prep 2 salads, for lunch & supper, in the morning. Home-salad needs dressing, but work-salad is different. I find it doesn’t mind just a cut lemon squeezed on top;Pulled pork & mushrooms & zucchinni
  9. Use a slow cooker to ensure your food is waiting for you, before work & after. My favorite slow cooker recipe currently is Nom Nom Paleo’s Kalua Pig. Because it takes 2 minutes to prep, it’s divine, & even cold from the fridge it feels intentional. Not like leftovers at all. If you put it on at 3pm on Sunday afternoon you can have a glorious hot breakfast like this one on Monday morning, & bring delicious pulled pork for lunch on Tuesday;
  10. Remind yourself you are worth it. Worth the consideration & devotion;

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