Recovering Vegetarian

I love short ribs!

I love short ribs!

For the 1st year of paleo I ate only poultry & seafood. No mammals.

My first mammal was last April 14th. I know because it was Matthew’s 45th birthday dinner. We went out and I ordered the halibut. He ordered the best local grass-fed steak. And gave me a tiny bite.

I had to eat it. I knew that I was eating way too much poultry and, besides, it was his birthday wish.

I didn’t gag or explode into flames. And it didn’t taste like I thought it would. Like blood.

It was actually really good. And surprisingly not a big deal.

But my recovery from vegetarianism started before that. When I was pregnant the first time I had an irresistible yearning for salmon. The second time, roast chicken & turkey.

That should have been a clue! When I was pregnant I reverted to eating animals, but afterwards always returned to a pattern somewhere along the vegan-vegetarian continuum.

I would have told you that I was a skinny pregnant person but a fat breastfeeding person, without ever making the connection.

Of course, along the way, I did the whole early 21st century raw-vegan thing. Bought the Excalibur dehydrator & the Champion juicer. Dehydrated vast quantities of high omega-6 nuts & seeds making raw-vegan bread, crackers & cookies. Juiced cornucopias of sugar-iffic fruit.

Wondered why I still wasn’t losing weight. Or feeling any better…

When I went Paleo in 2012, I ate exclusively fish & poultry for the first year.

But I could tell that the volume of poultry was problematic & knew I needed to find a way to eat mammals.

After my first bite of steak, I advanced steadily.

First, I had 1/3 of a small steak. Of my own. It left a pool of liquid at the bottom of my plate that I tried not to associate with blood.

Then I tried bacon. I started out with the best quality charcuterie bacon and it did not take long to learn to love it.

  • Ground beef.
  • Ham.
  • At first I found lamb repellent, but I started mixing ground lamb with ground chicken and came to appreciate it.
  • Bison. Easy. I started to carry bison jerky in my purse all the time.
  • Elk. Bring it on!
  • Lamb Kidney. Not a fan. But I tried it.

Hard to believe. In 9 months. I’m a fully adapted meat-eater.

The thing that amazed me as a new carnivore was how easy it is to prepare most meat. Short ribs in the slow cooker. They’re divine. Ham in the oven. So simple.

But if someone had tried to tell me how uncomplicated it was over here, when I was grudgingly assembling all those intricate tofu lasagnas, I wouldn’t have listened.