11 more ways to prepare for an Autoimmune Protocol


This is the goal: me & Matthew, old.

In addition to the 9 ways I prepped for an AIP before I started in December, here are 11 additional ways I’ve been getting even more AIP-ready while on the protocol:

  1. Bulk-ordered custom sausages (no nutmeg, no pepper) from Choux Choux Charcuterie;
  2. Began including seaweed in my diet daily;
  3. Upgraded my #3 kid’s list of chores (bathroom! windows!) & bought Cookin’ with Coolio  for my #2 kid, who is living in my basement suite, as they both (shockingly) declined to go AIP with me. I also tried to get my #1 kid to move back in to be my personal chef. To no avail;
  4. Got really clear about my priorities: my health, my kids & Matthew’s health;
  5. Preordered the Paleo Mom’s book The Paleo Approach (released today!);
  6. Bought lamb kidneys & tried some. Offal is still fairly disquieting for me & lamb kidney too advanced. But I ate a whole bite even though it was ~truth be told~ completely horrible. Matthew loved them;
  7. Went back to grad school, because I’m not really good with moderation;
  8. Fell in love with Yerba Mate. Though Matthew is going caffeine-free (& he was a coffee fiend), I’m keeping green tea. And yerba mate;
  9. Realized I can still have avocado! Until we decided to go with a low-FODMAP version of the AIP & now, no avocado! That’ll be almost as hard as giving up nuts. I love nuts. And avocado. I thought I loved eggs too, but it turns out I don’t really miss them;
  10. Mail ordered organic herbs & spices (in 1/2lb quantities!) & seaweed from the Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary;

What’s up next?

  1. Kombucha. No sauerkraut on a low-FODMAP variation, so I’m getting a kombucha baby from a friend this weekend!

Image: I’ve had this one on my computer for some time. I’d like to credit it but couldn’t find the source this morning.