11 more ways to prepare for an Autoimmune Protocol


This is the goal: me & Matthew, old.

In addition to the 9 ways I prepped for an AIP before I started in December, here are 11 additional ways I’ve been getting even more AIP-ready while on the protocol:

  1. Bulk-ordered custom sausages (no nutmeg, no pepper) from Choux Choux Charcuterie;
  2. Began including seaweed in my diet daily;
  3. Upgraded my #3 kid’s list of chores (bathroom! windows!) & bought Cookin’ with Coolio  for my #2 kid, who is living in my basement suite, as they both (shockingly) declined to go AIP with me. I also tried to get my #1 kid to move back in to be my personal chef. To no avail;
  4. Got really clear about my priorities: my health, my kids & Matthew’s health;
  5. Preordered the Paleo Mom’s book The Paleo Approach (released today!);
  6. Bought lamb kidneys & tried some. Offal is still fairly disquieting for me & lamb kidney too advanced. But I ate a whole bite even though it was ~truth be told~ completely horrible. Matthew loved them;
  7. Went back to grad school, because I’m not really good with moderation;
  8. Fell in love with Yerba Mate. Though Matthew is going caffeine-free (& he was a coffee fiend), I’m keeping green tea. And yerba mate;
  9. Realized I can still have avocado! Until we decided to go with a low-FODMAP version of the AIP & now, no avocado! That’ll be almost as hard as giving up nuts. I love nuts. And avocado. I thought I loved eggs too, but it turns out I don’t really miss them;
  10. Mail ordered organic herbs & spices (in 1/2lb quantities!) & seaweed from the Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary;

What’s up next?

  1. Kombucha. No sauerkraut on a low-FODMAP variation, so I’m getting a kombucha baby from a friend this weekend!

Image: I’ve had this one on my computer for some time. I’d like to credit it but couldn’t find the source this morning.

8 thoughts on “11 more ways to prepare for an Autoimmune Protocol

  1. I am so excited to have discovered your blog. I have psoriatic arthritis too like your husband. I have managed to get rid of most of the pain in my fingers and toes following the autoimmune protocol (nearly 100% but still eat macadamias – I know I need to give them up!) outlined on Paleo Moms website. I also thought I might be able to get away with some of the beautiful fruit available in Australia over summer eg. mangoes, cherries and lychees but the pain came back with a vengeance over Christmas. So annoying! At least it is a reminder high GI fruit does impact on inflammation. I don’t miss eggs either but going without avocados would be hard!

    I’m looking forward to getting The Paleo Approach too. So many Paleo recipe books are not autoimmune friendly eg use tomatoes and nightshade spices. Hope your husband sees some relief soon – it is so worth making the diet changes to get out of pain. Does he use magnesium oil? I have been rubbing it on as it is supposed to help arthritis too. I have been using it in conjunction with diet changes so don’t know whether the reduction in pain can be attributed to it. Might be worth a try though. Best wishes.

  2. Hi Petra, thanks for the post! I was curious about your #2 – the seaweed. What kind do you eat? What benefits/nutrients do you receive from eating it? I eat nori sometimes, but according to the packaging it doesn’t seem to have much nutritional value. Just curious!

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