Courageous Heroes or Financially-irresponsible Idealists?

HydraIt’s hard sometimes to know what is reasonable in our pursuit of healing.

We’ve spent ridiculous amounts of money on supplements and esoteric therapies.

Bought an infrared sauna & set it up in our living room.

Had a failed winter holiday in Mexico, in an attempt to inject some of the relief Matthew experiences in our Canadian summer. His pain was so bad we had to turn around & go home.

Tried numerous weird diets and bought the accompanying infrastructure for those diets (an expensive juicer that now languishes, a dehydrator that my dad now uses to turn his wizened apple crop into gnarly bits of dried apple for his hiking trips).

Invested in an inversion table, which also found a home with my dad.

All in attempts to find healing for Matthew.

We’ve moved.

Numerous times.

To a bigger house, because we thought that the stress of three verging-on-adolescent blended kids & two step-parents would be eased if we all had more space.

But Matthew’s health got worse in the enormous house, and it was so vast (3 big floors plus a basement) we never even knew who was home: Some of our children? All of our children? Give or take a dozen or so neighbourhood children?

So we moved from the city to a little house on a little island. Matthew’s health improved, but there was no high school. With two teenagers & one on the way, that was irreconcilable.

So we began to maintain 2 residences. A small one on the small island for Matthew and another one in the city, so I can fledge my kids.

We aren’t fancy people.

All of this has resulted in debt.

If we were going to go with the advice of medical specialists we would have done none of these things. And much more than half of the time they would have been right. Most of the time the things we have tried haven’t worked. The infrared sauna? Not so much. But we don’t know until we try and we keep trying.

Some things have resulting in improvements. The Auto-immune Protocol (particularly, so far anyway, a low-FODMAP version) seems to be an example.

If Matthew had decided to go strictly with the advice of medical specialists, he would simply take a series of increasingly toxic medications, and then some more medications to counteract their side effects, and then more medications to counteract the side effects of those.

In truth, he did try that and it didn’t work.

There are no assurances with experimental approach we’ve decided to take. Aside from the guarantee that it is more expensive and (for us) will result in debt.

Just the food bill on the Auto-immune Protocol can be a bit like a battle with a hydra.

Is it reasonable to go into debt in the pursuit of healing?

I guess it’s a risk management decision.

As with any risk, if it results in success (in our case, we find a pattern of living that enables Matthew to have a life worth living) then the risk-taking was courageous. Maybe even heroic.

If not (if we aren’t able to find a way back to health for Matthew) then having taken the risks & gone into debt to do it will seem, in retrospect, financially irresponsible and irrationally idealistic. Especially as his capacity to earn a living is on the line.

The ravening beast that is compound interest doesn’t discriminate based on whether your debt results from party shoes or pastured beef.

Which are we? Courageous heroes or irresponsible idealists? Maybe we’re like Schrödinger’s Cat: we’re both until the box is cracked open.

But either way, we will be able to say that we did everything in our power.

This image is Hercules slaying the Lernean hydra; c. 525 B.C. I’d say he’s getting some help with that…

16 thoughts on “Courageous Heroes or Financially-irresponsible Idealists?

  1. There are countless examples of people healing using protocols like yours to support your choice. If only everyone wasn’t so unique, one size fits all programs could happen quickly. Alas, everyones body is so different that each person must find they’re unique form of healing. By the way, I have that book for you….

    • Thank you for asking. Matthew has worked with a bunch of holistic doctors and there are a variety of perspectives on the roots of his health issues, but the common theme is they all seem to be autoimmune. Everything we’ve learned about the AIP has been online, from other people who are experimenting with it. In many cases, it seems like people pursuing their own health are leading the way!

      • So have there been things you can address eg. Missing amino acids or vitamins? Did he have molds or metal poisoning? An underlying infection? I completely agree – AIP, and then the new elimination diet I’m on wasn’t from my naturopath, but she advocates co learning! 🙂

      • I had to have my amalgams removed – and then chelated with a natural source (PectaClear), and I know our children with ASD need to chelate as well… We just simply can’t detox from metals. 😦 So our vaccines that had them, as well as my amalgams really messed up our health/balance.

  2. You’re telling it like it is. I totally identify with you there. It takes a lot of faith and a lot of strength. But I can tell you that my daughter was so sick, with so little strength that the only classes she could go to school for were art and music (can’t do those alone) and when we did a healing protocol like AIP (stricter in that no fruit or sugar of any kind was permitted) her health improved dramatically (she got off all her medications) and began to have a life. Her health is still not perfect, but she’s married, has a child and goes to college part time. She’ll get her associate’s diploma in December and be able to work. To us , this is almost miraculous. Speaking of which, there have been some miracles along the way.
    A long winded way of saying “hang in there” and I’m thinking good thoughts for you.

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