Thinking Out Loud

Fellow traveller in the AIP jungle

Fellow traveler in the AIP jungle

I started this blog ~unexpectedly~ six months ago.

In the beginning I thought I’d write about two themes: Paleo for people who hate to cook and Paleo for humans in a decaying civilization.

I still love those themes & write about them, but exploration of the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) & specifically, a low-FODMAP variation of the AIP is my primary area of interest right now.

The unexpected thing is that people read my blog.

It’s hardly The Next Big Thing, but currently it’s getting hundreds of views a day from all over the world & those numbers keep going up. Mostly because there is a lot of interest in the AIP right now.

It’s fun. But disconcerting.

Disconcerting because when I’m posting,  I’m just thinking out loud. I’m just experimenting & reporting out on those experiments. And I want people to know that when they read my posts.

I’m not an expert, I’m just a fellow traveler.

When it comes to the AIP, we’re all experimenting &  learning from each other. Our collective maps of the AIP jungle are still few & sketchy, but people like Sarah Ballantyne & Terry Wahls have substantially illuminated the uncharted territory.

For most of us, our personal AIP maps still need work, and that’s where the experimenting comes in.

The AIP jungle fascinates me.

Happy to travel with you!


8 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. Thank you for blogging. It is always wonderful to know there are other people out there that eat similarly. This AIP and low fodmap journey is an interesting and challenging road to navigate.

    • It is interesting & challenging. Though sometimes I forget the way other people eat, it has jut become so invisible & natural to me (…as I eat cold steak with my hands while typing). Thank you for reading!

  2. Hey Petra – this blogging caper is a funny old phenomenon. It connects you to like-minded people around the globe, and there is a lovely sense of community (I think) that grows out of that. It has changed the way I feel about social media considerably.

    I think a positive feeling of ‘community’ can only be wonderful thing in this time we’re living in. I’m happy we’re becoming blogging buddies!

  3. Love your blog. And I so relate to what you say here. I started my blog for me too and was shocked to find people actually following! After a year of elimination detoxing and discovering certain foods don’t work for me, I discovered AIP and AIP-like philosophies at the end of Feb. I’m still reading and experimenting to see if I think I need this long term. I might. I haven’t yet directly spoken about AIP on my blog – or why I may need to follow it. Maybe I should go there… Maybe it’s time. But love reading your blog. It inspires me. And gets me thinking maybe I’ll talk about it….

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