Tracking the Wahls Paleo Plus

The Wahls Paleo Plus is a ketogenic version of the Wahls Protocol.

I outline the basics of what you can eat on the WahlsPaleo+  in this post. Additionally, we’re supposed to eat fermented foods, sea vegetables and bone broth each day, and 12oz of offal and 16oz of high omega-3 fish each week.

I’m only on day 18 of the WahlsPaleo+ but I’m pretty intrigued so far.

I was able to get into ketosis fairly rapidly (2-3 days) and have been playing around with quantity of coconut oil & levels of ketosis since then, to find out more about how this all works. I’ve kicked myself out of ketosis (briefly) twice by letting my coconut oil consumption get too low. The 1st time by accident and the 2nd time as an experiment.

I’ve developed a tracking system that I have been using in my experiments so far.

On a daily basis I use worksheets that I keep in a binder in my kitchen. Not only does the daily worksheet help me track my food, but it also helps me plan it.

I’m aiming for 2-3 cups of sulfur-rich & coloured plant-food, and 3 cups of dark green leafy vegetables each day over two daily meals. With my daily worksheet I can always see where I need to fill any gaps.

As long as I have a range of plant-foods on hand, I can simply select the carbohydrates I wish for from each category and then just decide how to prepare them. It actually makes mealtime super simple, and I’ve stopped the maniacal meal planning I was doing on the Autoimmune Protocol.

Here’s my daily workbook (for the day I ate the 2 meals depicted, above):

WahlsPaleo+ worksheetThen, because I’m nerdy and I like to track data, every few days I transfer my daily worksheets into a weekly record. This enables me to to notice trends (such as the relationship between ketosis levels & energy levels, or how much high omega-3 fish or offal I’m consuming).

My weekly record looks like this:

WahlsPaleo+ weekly

This was the week that started auspiciously when I ate nettles for breakfast two days in a row. You can also see where I fell out of ketosis when my weekend supply of blue-raspberry fudge disappeared. And, though I’m still a long way from Dr Wahls 12oz weekly target for offal, I actually ate offal twice, which I think is laudable. Knowing I’m tracking it makes me eat it!

Hey, I’ve finally uploaded these tracking sheets here!

Daily Wahls Paleo Plus worksheet

Wahls Warrior