An Adapted (semi-ketogenic) version of the Wahls Paleo Plus

Adapted WahlsPaleo+ food pyramidThis is the WahlsPaleo+ variation I’m using currently, and I think I’ve found my sweet spot.

At least for now!

This variation is Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) & is adapted from the WahlsPaleo+ protocol in the following ways:

  • It excludes nightshades, nuts, & seeds (also excluding seed spices), in line with the AIP;
  • It includes upgraded MCT oil (2 tablespoons daily) for increased energy;
  • It includes high carb vegetables (roots for me so far, but winter squash are good too) after intensive exercise to increase stamina for intensive exercise & increase energy for life in general. If I engage in more intensive exercise four times a week, that’s how often I eat higher carb veg,even if that kicks me out of ketosis for awhile.

Here’s the low-carb vegetable (+ berries) list for the WahlsPaleo+:Carbohydrate list

This list doesn’t mention sea vegetables. But it should: I include a few spoons of sea vegetable flakes daily.

Keep in mind I’m not a nutritionist. Or a doctor. I’m just a person who is doing nutritional experiments on myself. For fun. Please read my post Thinking Out Loud. It’s my disclaimer.

A lot of people have strong feelings about ketogenic diets. You can google around & check some of those opinions out. To get you started, the Paleo Mom shares thoughts here & Mark Sisson here.

I’m currently experimenting with my own adapted, semi-ketogenic version of the WahlsPaleo+ for reasons I outline in my 2 latest biohacking updates: 40 days on the WahlsPaleo+ and 5 months on the Autoimmune Protocol.

I originally started the WahlsPaleo+ as an experiment in Nutritional Ethics and that is still a primary reason why I’m pursuing this variation.

I’m also just intensely curious. And really interested in achieving peak experiences through health.

I’ll report out on my observations as I go.

9 thoughts on “An Adapted (semi-ketogenic) version of the Wahls Paleo Plus

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  3. Hi there! I’m actually starting wahls paleo plus myself next week. I studied her book and all the AIP info and books. Wahls mentions sensitivities to nuts, nightshades, etc may improve on her diet, without eliminating them. I found this post so interesting! I’ve been wanting to combine the two diets for a long time, but wasn’t sure how. Tell me- did removing nightshades etc noticeably affect how you felt, especially energy wise?
    Also, do you notice a difference using MCT oil instead of regular coconut oil? If so, what brand do you use? Thanks!! I’ll be reading everything else on your site so remember my name haha 🙂

    • I think I tolerate nightshades quite well, but my partner doesn’t at all (he has a dramatic flare in arthritis pain after eating them), so I just avoid them, for solidarity. And I haven’t actually noticed a huge difference with the MCT oil. I’ve been completely off it it for a month, as an experiment, & I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed a dramatic change. What will be interesting is if I notice a difference when I go back to having it daily…

      • I totally lied. MCT oil is awesome. I took it out for 5 weeks & then put it back in. Wow. I use Bulletproof Executive Brand, both the ‘brain octane’ & the body versions: 1 Tablespoon of each a day. I haven’t tried any other brands.

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