Greens! (& my top 10 ways to eat them)

Once upon a time, my kid’s grandparents lived in Detroit & every time we went to visit them, I’d go to the market to buy huge bunches of prehistoric-looking greens.

greens cookingVast bunches of alarmingly serrated mustard & dandelion greens.

No one else would eat them, but I adored them, even then.

One day I was waiting at the checkout with my basket full of greens (& some tofu) when I saw something that changed my perspective on everything.

The woman in front of me had greens & some bags of animal parts that I now (in my paleo wisdom) know were offal.

When her bill was tallied, she was short a few dollars.

Of course, I was completely embarrassed for her. White west-coast vegetarian that I was, I was mortified whenever my poverty was exposed for the world to see, so I was feelingly, vicariously humiliated for her, too.Chard 2

But no one else in line was fussed. Not even secretly-judging but pretending-not-to-be-fussed like people on the west coast would be.

The cashier just walked away from the till and returned moments later with a basket full of bags of offal. Pigs feet, oxtails and chitterling-ish things I’m only now starting to understand.

Everyone in line waited. No one was fussed.

Then the cashier pulled out her calculator and together, she and the woman analysed every possible combination of the bags of animal parts until they came up with one that maximized the money she had. To get her through the week. Then they completed the sale.

I learned 2 life-changing lessons during those unfussed moments:

  1. Shame about poverty is not universal, it’s cultural. And therefore optional;
  2. Greens are non-negotiable.greens

Dr. Terry Wahls agrees about the greens. She wants you to eat 3 cups of dark leafy greens a day.

Here’s how:

My top 10 ways to eat greens:

  1. Greens & Anchovies (Melt a jar of anchovies packed in olive oil in a pan; add 2 bunches chopped greens & cook until bright green & wilted);
  2. Green smoothie;
  3. Robust greens salad;
  4. Rhubarb-ginger glazed Bok Choy & Bacon (doesn’t have to be bok choy!);
  5. Green flatbread & it’s variants: green tacos & green pizza;
  6. Meal in one: the fry-up;
  7. Meal in one: stew. Try Nettles for breakfast;
  8. Simple greens soup (Sauté greens in coconut oil & add bone broth & a bit of Himalayan salt: this is my almost-everyday way to eat greens: Love!);
  9. Emerald City Soup;
  10. Kalua Pig Greens (After cooking Nom Nom Paleo’s Kalua Pig, heat the remaining fat & bacon fragments, add 2 bunches chopped greens & cook until bright green & wilted. So delicious!);




8 thoughts on “Greens! (& my top 10 ways to eat them)

  1. I am a MASSIVE fan of the hash (‘fry up’ in Petra’s world). At least one a day. This morning – leftover roast pork with shredded brussels sprouts, grated zucchini, garlic and silver beet (swiss chard). YUM.

    But your anchovies greens have me salivating. How wonderful do they sound? Definitely making that.

    And, I loved your check-out story. I wish all check-out queues were that accepting.

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  3. I love eating my greens in stews. My favourite is spinach, I’ll place the spinach in the serving bowl and our the stew right over the top. It’s so delicious! I can’t wait to try the green tacos!

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