A WahlsPaleo+ & Autoimmune Protocol Pantry

It can be confusing (at first) to figure out what you can eat on the Wahls Paleo Plus or Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), so I made a pantry list:A WahlsPaleo_AIP pantry

If I run out of these items, I replace them. The vegetables rotate based on what’s in season & available (see the WahlsPaleo+ vegetable list below). The meat on the freezer list above are just our staples. We buy all manner of other types of fish & meat fresh.

Other than what’s on these two lists, there really isn’t anything else we eat.

I was surprised at first by how seemingly finite these lists are, because I don’t experience it that way in my daily life. Rather than thinking in terms of a limited diet, I see this pattern of eating as an opportunity for creativity & health.

I’m actually delighted to walk past all the crap I no longer feel compelled to buy in the supermarket. But it took awhile to get to this point.

I remember a time when I felt it as my right (somehow) to reward myself with food. Or when comfort food was my default during difficult times. Including just an exhausting workday.

Now, daily life just isn’t difficult & exhausting.

And my body is so nourished that the concept of  ‘food treats’ is actually foreign to me. When I contemplate food, I evaluate it based on how it will contribute to my well-being.

I’m not in a state of nutritional deficit, so I have no cravings. I totally enjoy food & look forward to meals but it’s not compulsive or fraught or problematic anymore.

At present I’m on an AIP-compatible version of the WahlsPaleo+.

My partner Matthew  is back on a low-FODMAP version of the AIP, as this is the only variation that seems to be correlated with a reduction in his severe, unexplained nausea. We think the nausea is related to Small Intestinal bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), and he is now working with a Functional Medicine Doctor to try to get a diagnosis.

The difference?

  • The WahlsPaleo+is a ketogenic diet. Most of my calories are coming from Coconut Oil. I’m eating 2 meals a day & fasting in between. I’m restricting animal protein to 8-10oz a day and I’m eating no fruit other than berries;
  • Matthew also tried an AIP-friendly version WahlsPaleo+ but couldn’t handle the quantity of Coconut oil, as it exacerbated  his nausea. If he can get the nausea under control he’d like to try the WahlsPaleo+ again, but for now he is substituting olive oil in salad & animal fat in cooking. He’s eliminating high & moderate FODMAP fruits & vegetables while staying strict on the AIP. He’s eating a lot more animal protein then me, and eats small amounts of fruit, including green planatains in plantain nachos.

Here’s a list of low-carb vegetables on the Wahl’s Paleo Plus. Matthew just eats vegetables & fruits that are low-FODMAP. Find the low-FODMAP list here. Neither of us eat nightshades; they’re indicated in brackets on the list below.

  • Carbohydrate list

7 thoughts on “A WahlsPaleo+ & Autoimmune Protocol Pantry

  1. I think if one were to look at what most people honestly eat on a week-to-week or monthly basis, it wouldn’t be any more diverse than your list. If anything, it might be less. But the ability to choose other foods, where we simply cannot, gives an illusion of diversity.

  2. Thank you Petra!
    Please solve this riddle for me? Cups, how many grams? Is it like 100 grams ?
    Also I am not a great cook or planner. How to make a dinner plan or do you just go with the flow?

  3. Hi petra, my goal is to get that peak feeling all the time, ive got the whals book, and would like to do the whals paleo plus, maybe edited a bit, im struggling with the notion of eating so much food at once, did you find initially that you had troubles to eat that much? got hungry in the middle of the day? And if that happened, did you snack? Or did you just get through the day and ate later? And at night did you feel it was a lot to eat?

    • Hi Tita, When you are in ketosis, you aren’t hungry, so eating twice a day & fasting in between isn’t physically hard. It can be psychologically hard, if you’ve been relying on food for reasons other than hunger. I took me a couple of days to be fully in ketosis so that I wasn’t hungry anymore, but it took 40 days before I felt that my body was really adapted & it became effortless. I think you’ll have to experiment with the quantity of food at each sitting. As my system is quite empty when I sit down to eat, it really isn’t hard to eat 3-5 cups of vegetables, 4 oz of meat & 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil in a meal, but if I get full (& I sometimes do) I stop, obviously. The deal with fasting between meals is just that you let your body work on cellular repair rather than processing food. Health=cellular health. If you snack, you don’t wreck the protocol, you just divert your body back to digestion tasks.

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