Ten reasons to start an Autoimmune Protocol blog

  1. As a way to document your progress. Sometimes it’s easy to forget where you started. And how far you’ve come.

    An AIP blog: to give you courage when trying new things

    An AIP blog: to give you courage when trying new things

  2. As a way to stay motivated. Because the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) can, at times, be unexciting. It requires you to chop cabbage & make bone broth, even on those days when you want to indwell with denial, all curled up on the couch with your favorite inflammatory foodstuffs.  You’ll be more inspired to try (or invent) new recipes if you know you’re going to blog about them.
  3. To access a community of support. AIP bloggers are a super-supportive bunch. I guarantee that if you blog about your AIP journey, we’ll read your posts. I’ll follow your blog: just share the link with me!


    An AIP blog: provokes aesthetic, well-balanced breakfasts

  4. To keep you paying attention to the aesthetic side of mealtimes. Often we don’t go to the trouble of arranging our food attractively just for ourselves, but a well-presented plate lends ceremony, communicates self-respect & actually, strangely, helps with satiation. Which are all important considerations when you are embarking on a transformative healing journey with food.
  5. Likewise, getting in the habit of photographing & posting pictures of your food encourages attention to variety & well-distributed food groups.
  6. Writing blog posts forces you to articulate what you are thinking and feeling. Understanding thoughts & feelings is important for healing. For your healing & potentially for the healing of others.
  7. Your AIP blog will give you courage to try new things. Whether it works or not, you still get to blog about it!
  8. Your AIP  blog encourages AIP research. By you & others.
  9. Your AIP blog will help destabilize the evil pharmaceutical empire.
  10. As a way to contribute to the growing body of knowledge that ordinary people are developing about healing ourselves. For an exploration of my thoughts on the anecdotal nature of research on the AIP (as well as how your AIP blog can help undermine the malevolent pharmaceutical empire) visit What Proof? The Autoimmune Protocol.

    Victorious Offal Muffins

    An AIP blog: to get you up early to make meat muffins with liver… just so you can blog about it

Friendly notes

  • The primary purpose of an AIP blog is to support your healing process. Don’t let your blog run your life or stress you out. Ignore all advice about the necessity of posting multiple times a week to build a loyal following. Decide before you begin that you are not trying to make money blogging. If you need to take a blogging break, do.
  • It took me a long time to figure out the shortcode for printable recipes on wordpress. If you go for a wordpress blog & want to include printable recipes, here’s the link that gives you that shortcode.
  • I started my blog last October. The day after I learned of the existence of wordpress. Here’s my first post. It took me awhile to learn how to add pictures & whatnot. Don’t worry about what you don’t know, just figure it out as you go.


15 thoughts on “Ten reasons to start an Autoimmune Protocol blog

  1. I can’t believe you only started your blog last October. I feel like we’ve been blog buddies for so much longer!

    BTW – ordered ox tongue from my trusty butcher and have been researching (and have Mum’s recipe). If everything goes according to plan, I shall dedicate a post to you in the not-so-distant future… X

  2. Yes,all good reasons. By the way, Petra, I know you like huckleberries. Me too.I used to make a mean huckleberry pie, but that’s been off my list of things to eat for a long time. Still like huckleberries though and threw some in a chicken salad last night…really good. Nice and tart against the sweetish chicken and vinaigrette.

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