An AIP Apocalypse

Very soon after I started dating the sexiest man on the planet there was a freak snowstorm & I got trapped at his house for 3 days.

I wasn’t just pretending to be snowed-in. The roads were actually completely impassable.

Going to the storeNeither Matthew or I were in a very practical frame of mind, so it wasn’t until the afternoon of day 2 that we bundled up & trekked out to the local grocery store for supplies.

The shelves were already starting to look bare. And the barer the shelves, the more people started heaving armloads of random foodstuffs into their carts. People were mildly hysterical.

We managed to score some pancake mix. And the last dozen industrial-grade eggs (11 of them unbroken). And few battered inorganic apples.

We were all about the SAD foods in those days, so Matthew made me apple pancakes until we were able to dig my car out & I could drive across town to retrieve my children.

SAD foods with looooong shelf lives

The top foods recommended by bunker-freaks & other serious survivalists are some of the SAD-est foods available:

  1. Wheat;
  2. Dried Milk;
  3. Beans;
  4. Peanut Butter;
  5. Dried Pasta;
  6. Textured Vegetable Protein (made with wheat gluten & soy).

Given that diverging from AIP for a few days set Matthew back a full 2½ months in his healing process, we figure it makes sense to ensure that we aren’t at the whim of whatever might be left at the grocery store the next time we get snowed in. Or there’s an earthquake. Or whatnot.

But even if you live far from any seismic zones & there is no risk of flooding, tsunamis, tornadoes, zombies or civil unrest, we’re all going to be subject to extreme weather events due to climate change sooner or later.

If you’re still unconvinced about climate change, here’s a humorous video to disabuse you.

A Short-term Disruption

The standard advice is to plan to have a stash of food & water for you & your kin for at least 72 hours.

If you are on the AIP (or the WahlsPaleo+) the usual emergency food lists will not apply. It only makes sense to stash food that you actually eat, so you can rotate & consume it in your daily life.

I started by looking at our current pantry & then considered expanding our less-perishable repertoire a bit, in the interests of preparedness. For example, I wouldn’t normally buy tinned pumpkin puree, but pumpkin would be such a friendly carbohydrate to have on hand, that I decided to include it in the rotation.

It’s really about getting ahead of yourself & always replacing the foods in your stash before you break into your stash.

This requires an up-front investment & diligence, but as long as you discipline yourself to pay attention to expiry dates, rotate as you bring in new supplies & you always use food before it expires, all you’re doing is treating your home like a pantry, rather than relying on the grocery store.

Here’s my AIP-Apocalypse list:An AIP apocolypse

  • Coconut Oil
  • MCT oil
  • Coconut Butter
  • Tinned Full-fat Coconut Milk
  • Dehydrated Coconut
  • Nori
  • Sea Vegetable Flakes
  • Tinned Salmon (Pink & Sockeye)
  • Dried greens (Currently just Watercress, but I’d like expand)
  • Tinned pumpkin puree
  • Olives
  • Coconut Aminos
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Tea (black, green & herbal)

It’s not a perfect list, but we could muddle along on that for awhile.

When any of the items on my list are on sale, I try to buy them. I also purchase caselots at a discount.

I use them, buy them, rotate them. I try to stay on top of it.

I don’t eat honey currently, but it’s a powerful carbohydrate & lasts forever. Plus it’s antibacterial & anti-inflammatory. I’d like to invest in a big bucket of it for my Apocalyptic Pantry at some point.

This post is getting long so I’m going to break now &  do a Part 2, in which I consider ketosis as an apocalyptic strategy, as well as paleo preparation for a Long-term Cataclysmic Alteration of Life as We Know It.

8 thoughts on “An AIP Apocalypse

  1. I had not considered what I would do with my new(ish) diet in an apocalyptic scenario. Considering that Oregon is long overdue for a big earthquake and my pantry has pretty much nothing but olive oil and spices in it, I should really stock up. Thanks for the suggestions- I might try the canned salmon and olives.

  2. I am trying to do Wahl’s paleo +.  After 8 weeks, I only get ketosis sometimes.  I reduced fruit, eliminated starchy vegetables, and reduced protein to 4 oz per day.  I tried to do 6 and 4 tbs coconut oil.  I GAINED 12 lbs.  This is so frustrating, but I have secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, like Wahl (who will not answer e-mails or give advice).  Do you have any suggestions?  I am 5’6″  and 125 lbs. NancyLee Shanlin


    • Hi Nancy, I’m not an expert in ketosis & I’m certainly not a nutritionist or a doctor. If I was trying to biohack my way into ketosis I’d first review my carbohydrate intake. Knowing that new categories for food can be confusing, the place I’d start is just reviewing fruit & starchy vegetables as categories. Then I’d remove these completely. No root vegetables of any kind, not even radishes, no squash & no fruit, except a limited amount of berries (in fudge). I’d focus most intently on green leafy vegetables. I’d have one or two pieces of berry fudge with each of my two meals, fasting in between. I’ve found the fudge to be the most effective way to get & stay ketogenic. I’d also include bone broth daily, to nourish & soothe myself during the transition. Good luck & please feel free to keep in touch.

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