Friendly Fats for Paleo Protocols (AIP, low-FODMAP & WahlsPaleo+)

TallowNow that I’m ketogenic, fat is my main food group.

This seems really normal to me, but I can tell I’m way out on the far-flung edge of the bell curve whenever someone asks what I eat, and I say “I mostly eat fat.”

They look perplexed & ask “What kind of fat?”

And I say “Coconut Oil, Avocados, and Animal Fat mostly.”

When I say it out loud, it starts to sound sort of unlikely, even to me.

But it’s true.

Many ketogenic people have more diverse sources of fat to choose from. A lot of them eat full-fat pastured dairy & include high fat nuts & seeds. Though I adore nuts, I’m on an AIP-compliant ketogenic diet (love it!), so dairy, nuts & seeds are off my list.

Being ketogenic is easy, actually. It’s wonderful, actually.

It just sounds a little weird to say that fat is your primary food group. Out loud. So I’ll type it quietly instead.

You don’t have to be ketogenic to benefit from increasing your fat intake. Healthy fat feeds your brain & helps with satiation, no matter what your protocol.

For reference, here’s a list of fats that are legal on a variety of Paleo protocols, (starting with the strictest).

Healthy Fats

Wondering which Protocol to start with? I wrote a blog post about that!

Our Current Protocols

As mentioned, just now I’m on a ketogenic version of the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). Matthew is on a non-ketogenic low-FODMAP version of the AIP.

We settled there after self-experimentation with all of the various Paleo protocols listed above. We’ve each found the pattern of eating that enables us to optimize our well-being:

  • For Matthew that means a reduction in autoimmune & other symptoms;
  • For me it means previously imagined (arguably extreme) levels of high-performance awesomeness.

Our biohacking experiments continue. In our quest for healing & peak experience, we expect the protocols we follow will continue to evolve.

A ketogenic version of the AIP is currently my happy place.


Interested in my ketogenic AIP & Wahls Paleo Plus experiments?

I intentionally kicked myself out of ketosis in August, but I experienced a decline in performance, so I got back in. I think I’m still getting keto-adapted after those few weeks of higher-carb eating, but I’m already experiencing the benefits I had before.

This time I’m experimenting with reducing my carbohydrates still further to find out what that does to my overall well-being.

… & low-FODMAP

I don’t know if any contemporary humans are working on sustaining ketosis on a low-FODMAP version of the AIP, but moderating coconut products makes it challenging.

Matthew tried this hack & his (very) low tolerance for coconut oil cause him to abandon the experiment.

He’s quite sensitive to FODMAPs generally, but tolerates Red Palm Oil. That’s hardly definitive evidence about where Red Palm Oil sits on the FODMAP spectrum but it’s the only data we’ve got at the moment.

Friendly Fats for Paleo Protocols

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 from petra8paleo

Low-FODMAP version of the Autoimmune Protocol

  • All animal fats (from pastured animals);
  • Coconut Oil (In moderation);
  • Full-fat coconut milk (In moderation);
  • Coconut Butter (In moderation);
  • Red Palm Oil (No data about need moderate: possibly);
  • MCT oil (In moderation);
  • Olive Oil & Olives;

Autoimmune Protocol

  • All Of the above, plus:
  • Coconut Oil;
  • Full-fat coconut milk;
  • Coconut Butter;
  • Avocados;

Wahls Paleo Plus

  • All of the above, plus:
  • Nuts & seeds (in moderation);


  • All of the above, plus:
  • Nuts & Seeds;
  • Some people include pastured Ghee.


  • All of the above, plus:
  • Full-fat pastured Dairy.


11 thoughts on “Friendly Fats for Paleo Protocols (AIP, low-FODMAP & WahlsPaleo+)

    • From Matthew: The restrictions of the diet can be a tough slog, especially if your healing (like mine) is non-linear AND most (if not all) your comfort foods are banished to the NOT list (pasta was my go-to dish for 30+ years whenever I felt less-than-optimal). 2 things that help me through tough times are some advice I got from my mum who assured me (repeatedly) that life is not fair for most and certainly not all the time for anyone. I have taken this as a core framing concept and developed my 2nd coping mechanism: happy pessimism. This is accepting (reluctantly at first, but eventually almost gracefully) that things will not go exactly as planned/desired, but to also how to recognize when unexpected outcomes are equally (or more) beneficial or simply provide a good learning experience. It takes many different aspects to manage a chronic health condition, philosopher is just one of the hats I find helps me keep some semblance of perspective.

  1. I’m interested to know why Matthew is not following a ketogenic diet also. I imagine with all the recent research that a ketogenic diet would help with autoimmune conditions too

    • He would like to be on a ketogenic diet but one of his weird (undiagnosed) symptoms is severe nausea, which is exacerbated by coconut oil & larger quantities of fat generally. The nausea is not responding to the AIP, which leads us to think it is not autoimmune in origin. The most recent theory from a functional medicine doctor (love that guy) is that the nausea might be the result of a methylation problem provoked by extended use of methotrexate. As soon as he get’s that sorted, he’s in!

      • I just started reading your blog so you may already know this – have you investigated the MTHFR gene? You may be exactly right about the methylation problem. A blood test will rule it out, or open new paths to healing. Check for more info. And thank you for writing this blog – I marvel at those who struggle with health issues and yet take the time, and reserves of energy, to share!

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  3. I am someone who researches the crap out of what I’m doing nutritionally, and your site has been popping up more and more on my searches lately. I’ve experimented with several versions of the paleo template these last couple years – primal, aip, a few Whole30s, and most recently, low-FODMAP.

    I decided recently to go ketogenic, and I wasn’t sure anyone else in the paleosphere was doing it along with AIP and low-FODMAP, especially because I do CrossFit and healing protocols tend to recommend minimal exercise. So happy to have found this post, and I’ll keep checking back here. 🙂

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