Biohacking: the Ultimate New Years’ Resolution

My yoga studio is overfull each January. Mats laid out on the floor like a patchwork quilt, with hardly a path between them.

Participants take part in a mass yoga clFor the first 6 weeks each year I arrive ½ an hour early just to find a spot. But by the end of February it’s just normal-crowded: 10 minutes early is ample.

Every year I plan for it by scheduling extra time before yoga for the first 6-weeks of the year & waiting patiently for the resolutions to crash & burn.

Apparently, only 1 in 10 people achieve the New Year’s resolutions they set.

Why Biohacking?

Because Biohacking is research.

If you make Biohacking your resolution this year, that’s all you’re committing to: research.

Specifically, research into the impacts of the interactions between yourself & your environment.

As with any research, you’ll have a working hypothesis & a initial goal. But these might evolve as you go. Biohacking allows for that.

Hacking Your Resolution

  1. Evidence suggest that people who fail to achieve their resolutions usually don’t have a plan. With biohacking, you get an automatic work-around, because the resolution is the plan. Your plan is to apply a research orientation to optimizing your life.
  2. Prevailing wisdom also indicates that we’re all more likely to succeed in reaching our goals if they’re SMART: Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic & Time-Bound. Biohacking checks those boxes. It inherently encourages specificity, measurement, attainability, reality-testing & attention to time-frame.
  3. Experts on goal setting also recommend that we make just one resolution & channel all our energy toward it. Biohacking is just one resolution: to approach life with relentless curiosity & make adjustments as you learn.
  4. As mentioned, only 1 in 10 people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. But it’s nearly impossible to fail in your biohacking resolution, if you remain committed to reality-testing & continue to gather data no matter what. For example:

smart goalsYou may have started out with the goal of going to yoga regularly. Or eliminating inflammatory foods.

And perhaps in time your behaviour strayed from strict fidelity to this new protocol.

Did you fail?

As a biohacker, falling out of your protocol simply presents an opportunity for curiosity. A new occasion to learn about the unique & complex biological & psychological laboratory that is you.

It enables you to ask:

Why did I revert to old patterns? What happened in the time period before, during & after the reversion? What challenges am I experiencing in getting back to my protocol? How can I reduce the influence of those obstacles? How are my current nutritional & lifestyle patterns impacting my well-being?

Track that.


Use the information to design a protocol that has a better chance of success.

As long as you keep gathering data, learning & applying your new knowledge, you’re still biohacking~.

Resolution: Venison

Resolution: Venison!

My Resolutions

My resolutions?

#1: To support my own biohacking efforts & those of others by making the application of personal biohacking research for health & well-being the particular focus of my blog in 2015~.

So stick with me!

#2: I also resolve to learn everything required to humanely kill & process a deer next hunting season.

13 thoughts on “Biohacking: the Ultimate New Years’ Resolution

  1. I think the reason most people sway from their resolutions is because other people depend on them to fulfill their needs too and it gets tiring to be a fulltime super-human.

  2. Good luck with the hunting! It is a way to connect with the force of life and I believe that hunting is the most ethical way to eat. I don`t do it myself and never will but I admire real hunters. My dad was so connected to the animals he hunted for feeding our family that he said he would often wake up in the morning *knowing* where he would find the buck he was hunting. He also said that when his energy was totally depleted from spending the day hunting that he would immediately boil and eat the deer heart and be reinvigorated so he could haul it out of the bush.
    So, as I said, good luck!

  3. Look forward to another year following your bio-hacking adventures Petra! Thanks for the great tip on the SMART resolutions, something I’ll be inplementing as I bio-hack my way through 2015

  4. I absolutely love this! I may just make this my new years resolution! To tune into myself and track my goals and symptoms while doing research on the best health options for me! I am so inspired by this attainable new years resolution! Thank you!

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