Book Review: The Bulletproof Diet

BulletproofI adore Dave Asprey’s book The Bulletproof Diet.

I’m really into Biohacking. And Dave Asprey is the emperor of biohackers: the originator of Bulletproof coffee; the instigator of the Biohacking Conference; and the developer of  the Bulletproof Executive brand of biohacking products.

Over the past year, I’ve extensively tested  a couple of Dave’s products (Coffee & MCT oil) & I’ve determined that they genuinely optimize my life. I also use his Vanilla Powder regularly. Though I haven’t given it a robust n=1, I do know it makes me happy.

So you’d think I’d have been all over this book!

But I was skeptical.

I’d read some disparaging things online. Suggestions that Dave was using the book to repackage a ketogenic diet under his own ‘Bulletproof’ brand name. This critique was specifically about his infrequent reference to ketosis & his preference for the word ‘Bulletproof’ in the book. Having read that, I erroneously figured this book was mostly marketing for Bulletproof Executive products, and let it subside from my reading list.

Until it practically jumped off the shelf into my arms in a bookshop on a recent trip to Vancouver.

I bought it. And devoured it.

The Bulletproof Diet

This book won me over in 4 ways:


Dave Asprey quoteI’ve been on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) for more than a year, which is pretty rare for a healthy person.

During this time I’ve explored ketogenic variations of the protocol, including an AIP-compliant version of the Wahls Paleo Plus.

Most people think the Autoimmune Protocol is fairly hardcore & don’t resort to it until they’ve tried everything else in an attempt to manage their autoimmune symptoms.

But the Bulletproof diet is entirely aligned with the AIP.

Like the Wahls Paleo Plus & the Autoimmune Protocol, the Bulletproof Diet is a variation on the extreme-paleo theme. But it’s the first of it’s kind (that I know of) that’s designed for humans generally, not just as a last resort for people with debilitating health conditions (like Dr Terry Wahls or my husband Matthew).

I’m enthusiastic about the potential of the Autoimmune Protocol for everyone. I feel so amazing, I’ll know never go back.


There’ too much information out there. Misinformation, opinion & grains of truth. All mixed together in a prickly thicket on the internet.

Dave clears a path through the jungle.

For example, the Bulletproof Diet focuses on on Lectins, Phylates, Oxalates, & Mold Toxins as being worthy of our attention. And Dave explains why.

It also trailblazes by focusing on the autonomy of the individual in interacting with the protocol, in tandem with the power of a biohacking approach to provide data as changes are made.


This book triangulated my own biohacking research beautifully. Including reinforcing & accelerating the experiments I’ve been running.

Dave has also vailidated his own research. He’s taken published research & the results his own biohacking experiments, then triangulated those with the results he’s observed in his clients & other pioneer biohackers.


Dave offers a ‘roadmap’ food choices that range from ‘Bulletproof’ to ‘Kryptonite’. Unlike most other protocols, which simply provide a list of legal & off-limits foods, this roadmap is presented as a continuum of choices, enabling participants to see all the options while still exerting free will.

kryptoniteI think the ‘Kryptonite’ label is particularly evocative.

The Bulletproof Diet Roadmap & shopping list are both available as free downloads on the Bulletproof Executive website.

Despite encourging choice, Dave advocates sticking with the full Bulletproof diet for 2 weeks at first (16 days less than most elimination diets).


I have none.

In place of my own critique, I can address the ketosis/Bulletproof complaint that nearly dissuaded me from reading this book.

Ketosis is an element of the Bulletproof Diet. An important one.

But this diet is intermittently ketogenic. Interestingly, last Spring I came to the conclusion that ‘semi-ketogenic’ might be optimal for me, but Dave has provided proof (& a foolproof approach to achieving a semi-ketogenic state.)

‘Bulletproof’ also includes attention to specific types of  toxicity found in common foods, including foods that are often included in strict healing protocols.

And this book doesn’t just address diet. It covers lifestyle hacks for sleep, exercise & fertility.

In short, being Bulletproof isn’t just about ketosis.

And my theory that the book might be a marketing scheme for Bulletproof Executive Products?

Dave is careful to provide alternatives strategies so no one has to buy Bulletproof products. Even as he explains the benefits of lab testing to ensure minimal exposure to mold toxins. And the leverage that can be realized through the use of MCT oil. And some of the other benefits of products available through the Bulletproof Executive line. Given my personal expereince with the quality of these products, I think that’s fair.


Bulletproof Diet: My vote for best beach book, Winter 2015

Bulletproof Diet: My vote for best beach book, Winter 2015

I’ve been experimenting with ketogenic versions of the Autoimmune Protocol for 8 months. 3½ months on the Wahls Paleo Plus and 3½ months on my own super low-carb variation, with a month in between to remember what running on glucose feels like.

I’m going to post a biohacking update soon to summarize my findings, but as to the applicability of the Bulletproof Diet, the short version is: I’m convinced & I’m switching.

3½ months on the Bulletproof Diet. Starting now.






10 thoughts on “Book Review: The Bulletproof Diet

  1. Thanks , i’ll check it out! Sounds like a must read 😀 Currently wading through personal dietary needs to create a low histimine, low/no SIBO feeding, low fructan Paleogenic diet. 😰

    • Sounds like you’ve got an abundance of parameters for your protocol! The Bulletproof Diet will probably offer a few more, but it can also be customized to align with other protocols, like low-FODMAP, the AIP, etc.

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