petra8paleo (Circa 2014)

Dark Pond (Circa 1915) by Paul Nash

One thing I love about blogs is their impermanence. Once written, the content subsides.

Into the dark depths of the blog pond.

Unless it gets pulled to the surface via a link, like a hook.

I love impermanence.

I love acknowledging that all of this ~everything~ is destined to subside. That our attachments are ephemeral.

I originally attracted Matthew with a brief essay on impermanence, which I posted on an online dating site instead of a list of my personal characteristics. Apparently, impermanence itself can be a kind of hook. At least when fishing for particular things.

1916 Natural History Encyclopedia

Catfish (Circa 1916) Natural History Encyclopedia

Despite my love for ephemerality & letting blog posts drop to the depths to lurk like catfish, here’s a splash to the surface for some 2014 posts that might be worth pulling up into the light of day.


2014 was all about the Autoimmune Protocol for us, particularly low-FODMAP and ketogenic versions.

Lots of people are looking for practical information on healing protocols. As an indication, some of my top-clicked posts this year were the AIP low-FODMAP food listWhat Can You Eat on the Wahls Paleo Plus?, An Adapted (semi-ketogenic) Version of the Wahls Paleo Plus & 10 reasons to consider a Ketogenic Autoimmune Protocol.

Also popular: Biohacking ~Genomic Analysis & Have you heard the one about the rheumatologist, the ear-nose & throat specialist & the functional medicine doctor?

My top 5 recipes this year included Green Flatbread, Victorious Offal MuffinsGyros: Greek Meatballs & Tzatziki, Macronutrient Cupcakes, & London Fog Latte.

Another well-clicked recipe is Emerald City Soup, which one of the few recipes I brought with me from the dark-ages of my raw-vegan days. It’s not a 2014 contender, as it was posted on December 25th of 2013.

I also like these posts…

Here’s to your health in 2015!



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