Lunch 2 Go: Nori Wraps (AIP & WahlsPaleo+)

LunchNow that I’m experimenting with a (mostly) Autoimmune Protocol-friendly version of the Bulletproof Diet, I’m back to bringing food to work.

I was emancipated from packing lunches for most of the past year while doing an AIP-compatible version of the Wahls Paleo Plus last spring & summer & then my own super low-carb ketogenic version of the AIP last fall.

  • Like the AIP & the Wahls Paleo Plus, the Bulletproof Diet is a variation on the extreme-paleo theme.
  • Like the Wahls Paleo Plus, it’s a relatively carb-intensive ketogenic protocol.
  • Unlike either of the ketogenic versions of the AIP I’ve tried previously, it includes three meals a day. Necessitating lunch.

The first meal is bulletproof coffee.

If you are on the AIP, you can substitute tea for the coffee & omit the butter, and you’ll end up with something like a London Fog Latte.

I’ve gone long periods without coffee on the AIP, but recently I’ve put it back in, as it’s a core aspect of the Bulletproof diet. I’m also doing butter in my breakfast coffee, which was a bit wrangly, because before I went paleo I was vegan and It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve eaten dairy. And I also add collagen to the brew.

But getting back to packing lunches: it’s not inconsequential.

It’s another whole planning process. Food has to portable. Containers have to be clean. Every weekday morning. It’s more dishes to do. It’s another bag to carry around (& not forget). I don’t use microwaves, so the food I bring needs to be edible in a cold state. Or it needs to be pre-heated at home & kept hot until noon.

So, my go-to strategy for workday lunches right now is a hot woman shake and these nori wraps.

Avocados are an almost perfect food. The one drawback is that they are relatively high in omega 6s. The solution? Balance those Omega 6s with extra Omega 3s. Which are found in abundance in sockeye salmon.

Desk drawer trick_2I keep a package of nori, tinned sockeye & some green avocados in my desk drawer.

And I bring along a jar of store-bought sauerkraut or sliced cucumbers with olives to go alongside.

Then I pack the components for a hot woman shake, which adds some welcome warmth to my otherwise room-temperature lunch.

The Desk Drawer Trick

My #3 kid stopped by my work the other day. She watched me roll up my lunch.

“I’d actually eat that.” she said.


I gave her my plate & dove into my desk drawer for another tin of salmon & some more nori.

It’s my desk drawer trick.

I’ve fed ravenous foodless co-workers that way, too.

Nori wraps: portable, desk-drawer store-able (& teenager-approved~.)

I’ve even lived on these for most of a week while at conference in an airport hotel in Winnipeg.

It’s lunch:

Nori Wraps (AIP & WahlsPaleo+)

 from petra8paleoWrap

  •  2 sheets of Nori
  • 1 ripe Avocado
  • 1 tin Sockeye Salmon

Lay out the Nori.

Put half the tin of Salmon on each sheet. Add ¼ of an Avocado, sliced.

Fold up the bottom of the Nori sheet & roll up the sides. Lay each roll seam side down.

Serve with the remaining sliced Avocado.

Add sliced cucumber & olives, sauerkraut &/or a Hot Woman Shake or London Fog Latte to make it a workaday feast~.

7 thoughts on “Lunch 2 Go: Nori Wraps (AIP & WahlsPaleo+)

  1. Ha! You crack me up! – I love that this is teenager-friendly. That’s a MASSIVE coup!

    How are you finding coffee. I gotta’ admit, I’m REALLY loving my morning tipple!

    Now I just have to get you making your own ‘kraut…

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