Rendering Lard~

Lard 3Matthew has a new hobby.

He renders lard.

He goes to butcher & gets an enormous bag of pig fat (this makes our butcher happy). Enough for a couple of slow cookers full. For about $12.

He chops up the fat & slow cooks it. Freezes the fat he doesn’t use in the first round. Then we use the lard for cooking & Matthew also uses it in his other new hobby: Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) baking.

For our first 12 months on the AIP we did no baking. But suddenly, on the advent of year 2, Matthew tried a couple of recipes & now makes AIP shortbread somewhat regularly (substituting his home-rendered lard for the palm-oil shortening).

Being ketogenic, I don’t eat his shortbread much, but he says it increases his quality of life and is helping him get through the winter.

Why lard? Lauren Geersten at Empowered Sustenance offers 10 reasons.



The 11th reason is that you get cracklings as a delicious by-product of the rendering process.

And making one’s butcher happy could easily be reason #12 (never underestimate the potential benefits of a happy butcher as an element of biohacking success~).


 from petra8paleoPig fat 4

  • 2-3 lbs of pork fat
  • ¼ cup water
  • Himalayan Salt (or similar) for cracklings
Cut pig fat into small cubes (some people have it ground at the butchers).
Place cubed fat in a slow cooker with the water. Turn to low.
Stir occasionally.
Strain liquid fat through cheesecloth after approximately 2 hours & every ½ hour thereafter. Continue rendering until the cracklings are golden brown.
Refrigerate rendered lard.
Salt cracklings & eat as-is, or as a fat-tastic addition to salad, or a garnish in soup.



10 thoughts on “Rendering Lard~

  1. This is one of my FAVOURITE discoveries on AIP. And, I think my absolute best bit is the pork scratchings that are leftover after all the lovely rendering. Lard, from pasture raised piggies, is my fat of choice (if I am selecting based on taste alone). I wish LM would make it for me…

    Matthew – how do you feel about a trip to Sydney?

  2. Can I do this in a stock pot or does it need to be in a slow cooker (I don’t have one, nor the space to put one, sadly)? And does it work the same way for the fat from other animals?


    • You can render any animal fat this way. The slowcooker keeps the heat low & the ceramic prevents over-browning. A large pot on low heat might work well/ That’s how people used to render fat, after all~!

  3. Reblogged this on The Holistic Practitioner and commented:
    I, too, have become enamored rendering lard. After my first time, I told anyone and everyone who would listen that I had successfully rendered lard. They looked at me puzzled as to why I would be so excited and I looked at them puzzled as to why they would NOT be excited. Thank you for the slow cooker idea! I have a batch cooking right now and I don’t have to stand over it!

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