Canada’s Food Guide~

According to Canada’s Food guide I can thrive on a diet composed of these foods:

My personalized Food Guide_3

As long as I:

  • Eat at least one dark green and one orange vegetable each day (edamame counts as a dark green vegetable & carrots are orange, so I’m good to go!);
  • Have little or no added fat or salt in any of my food;
  • Make at least half of my 6 servings of grains whole grains;
  • Have meat alternatives such as beans, lentils and tofu often;
  • Choose at least two servings of fish each week.

A Nutritional Foundation of Soy & Gluten-rich Grains

58.8% (10/17ths) of my food can consist of soy products in a given day, but if I try to by-pass grains while using the My Food Guide app, I can’t build a dietary plan for myself at all.

Despite the fact that I have been grain-free for almost 3 years.

Do you want to see my before & after pictures?

In fact, 58.8% of my food can be soy and 35.3% can be gluten-rich grains, for a total of 94.1% of my daily nutrients, and I can still be 100% compliant with Canada’s Food Guide (as long as the remaining 5.9% is an orange vegetable.)

PyramidHealth Canada’s logic is based on the food pyramid, which was adopted in the United States in 1992.

Turns out this pyramid was based on ‘soft science’, according to a recent CBC news article, which also suggests that the United States is reconsidering the evidence for the 8th edition of Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which will be released this fall.

In the meantime, Canadians are still being advised to eat food that, according to mounting scientific and anecdotal evidence (from 37 Autoimmune Protocol bloggers, among many others), will pretty much guarantee systemic inflammation and lead to chronic health issues.

Though Health Canada still assures us that Canada’s Food Guide is based on “current nutritional science” & Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide states “this food intake pattern was developed in the Canadian context and promotes a pattern of eating that meets nutrient needs, promotes health and reduces the risk of nutrition-related chronic disease.”

Here’s a working version of an alternative food pyramid that (so far) seems to work for me. It works for Dr Terry Wahls, too.

It needs some refinement.

But not as much as Canada’s!

semi-ketogenic WP+ 1.1 food pyramid

7 thoughts on “Canada’s Food Guide~

  1. Dear Petra, Is this Canadian food guide for real? in 2015? with all that research for grabs. Hopefully, a good many people find your blog and every good other one to guide them on to a diet their bodies need to eat
    to be/get healthy. The Dutch foodcentre also still recommends a great deal of gluten grains, reduced salt intake and little red meat. Nicely specific, ha?
    Their insights are lagging behind in sea miles. On the one hand, who cares?, yet many believe their advice, which is sad. Prof Ayers put it boldly,
    Jan 29 Cooling Inflammation blogspot:” If you listen to the medical and food industries, you will be sick, i.e. a good patient/consumer”.
    Ah, by the way. I am sure you are chuffed with your running picture…. though I like the other one with the friendly posture just as well. Warmly, JB

    • Dear Kiwi Girl, Hilarious remark, though serious enough. Nevertheless you made my day and feisty and… made me sign up to your blog immediately. I love to be informed on sane matters from your side of the world. Thanks. I am
      off to my organic grassfed meat and dairy farmer now. With the right knowledge we still have options to choose with our money Cheerio from the Netherlands, JB

  2. Thank you so much for this! The Canada Food Guide is such a damaging guideline. Our society (and medical system) will be paying the price for this for years to come! If we need the government to tell us how “great” it is, I generally steer clear, lol.

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