The holiday & the cell phone tower

The cottage & the cell phone towerA modern-day Grimm’s fairy tale~.

We went on holiday.

Booked ourselves a sweet little cottage in the middle of an orchard for a week.

The cottage was billed as remote & off-grid. It had solar power. Propane for the stove & hot water.

We were excited about going off-grid. Particularly about observing the effect on Matthew, as he has proven himself to be highly sensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

To the point where, at home, we have all our electrical outlets filtered; pay extra monthly to retain an old analog electric meter (to avoid a smart meter); have wired internet; and don’t use portable phones.

These adaptations have tangibly improved Matthew’s quality of life.

In fact they enable him to once again spend periods of time in the city, which he couldn’t do before.

Even with these precautions, our home environment isn’t perfect. We are flooded with wifi from our neighbors and my #3 kid & I both have mobile phones, so I can track her teenaged meanderings.

Cell Phone TowerThe holiday & the cell phone tower~

As Matthew and I drove through bright green fields & forests on our way to the cottage, we were looking forward to a week alone together even more than the reduction of electromagnetic radiation. In fact, the electromagnetic part had kind of fallen out of our minds.

Until we saw the cell phone tower.

Right. Next. Door.

After years of living with chronic illness, we are adept at navigating unexpected & adverse circumstances. So we tried to just accept the tower & enjoy ourselves anyway.

The symptoms~

In the four days we stuck it out at the cute little cottage…

Matthew experienced:

  • Reduced appetite;
  • Disrupted digestion & elimination;
  • Distorted sense of the passage of time;
  • Reduced ability to manage his autoimmune symptoms.

We both experienced:

  • An inability to focus and remember;
  • Sleep disruption;
  • Impaired vision;
  • Anxiety.

I experienced:

  • A sensation as if the outer surface of my brain was hot.

Ironically, the worse Matthew felt, the less inclined he was to go out to do things, resulting in even more time in the cottage & more exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

We noticed that all the adjacent properties in this otherwise bucolic rural area were for sale. The hosts of our cottage had just bought the property. When we explained our reason for leaving early, they insisted that they’d read the research before they bought and that cell phone towers are perfectly safe.

Despite the soothing words from the researchers, the effects were sufficiently problematic that we found somewhere else to stay for the final three days of our holiday. Though our next ‘cottage’ was a converted garage with wifi, all the symptoms we’d experienced when we were neighbourly with the cell phone tower abated.

Of course, to be sure, we’d want to continue the experiment with an ABAB time series, ideally without knowing when we were being exposed to radiation, but in this case, as nerdy as I may otherwise be about rigor in biohacking, we’re not going to.

Cell Phone Tower invertedWe went on vacation and all we got was this lousy blog post~

It wasn’t the holiday we were hoping for, but we managed to get a couple of good days in the converted garage. And we got further confirmation of a hypothesis we long ago confirmed.

In effect it’s been a years-long ongoing ABABABABABA time series experiment~.

According to Health Canada (the same government department that endorses the Canada Food Guide):“Scientific evidence has failed to demonstrate that the EHS [Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity] symptoms are caused by electromagnetic fields.” While we’re waiting for the evidence, I can direct you to some really cheap (& truly beautiful) land right next door to a cell phone tower.


5 thoughts on “The holiday & the cell phone tower

  1. Hi, Petra,

    This is going to come off as strange. You have been warned.

    There are things called “tower busters” that can be used to undo the effects of the towers.

    I keep a couple in my van.

    I tend to scatter them around where I see towers in neighborhoods I frequent. My children’s schools are all busted.

    If you would like to do some biohacking, cell tower edition, using these things, I might be inclined to send you a few to see if you can help mitigate the effects of the cell towers and note the results.

    I’m not promising anything, other than perhaps a good laugh.

    Please reply to me privately if you’re interested and I’ll whip up a batch and ship them to you.



    John Cullison

    • Sure~! We’re willing to try (just about) anything. Luckily we don’t live anywhere near a cell phone tower, and I’m not sure exactly which day I’d wake up & decide to go find a tower to see if I could bust it, but it would be an interesting experiment.

  2. Oh Petra. Sitting here in Syders feeling for both you and Matthew. How #!@&*! frustrating and disappointing and, and, and… I’m just very sorry that you didn’t get the time together that you had hoped for. Sending hugs, my friend.

  3. Like TSL, I’m so sorry you didn’t get to properly enjoy your holiday.

    I’m also fascinated by the topic of EMF. A functional doc once told me to turn off my wifi at night and remove all electronics from my room before bed. I notice when I do this, I sleep slightly better. I don’t know if it’s placebo or not but very fascinating. If you have any more news/developments in this space I’d love to chew the fat with you!

    • One easy way to turn off wifi at night is to get one of those old analog light switch timers & plug your modem (assuming you have one) into that. It will just automatically turn off soon after the time when you usually put the internet to bed & will come back on just before you usually wake it up again. Another fun experiment is to turn off the electrical breaker in your house (assuming you have access) and notice if you feel a difference~.

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