The Autoimmune Wellness Bundle


Bundle - Tower 2It’s a health uprising~.

Not long ago, the Autoimmune Protocol was pretty radical.

But word spread: it actually works.

The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) movement is being led by people who have been reversing their own autoimmune conditions & that’s why the Autoimmune Wellness bundle is so worthwhile.

It brings the collective wisdom of these AIP pioneers together. In one place~.

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This includes Dr. Sarah Ballantyne (The Paleo Mom), the scientist who reversed her own autoimmune conditions & then published the definitive AIP resource: The Paleo Approach in early 2014.

The Autoimmune Wellness Bundle is the newest offering from The Paleo Mom, and it’s available May 20-25th.

It includes over 40 resources by early-adopting AIPers who have been successfully reversing autoimmune disease and systemic inflammation with nutrition, as well as other experts.

Biohacking Autoimmune DIY~

One of these resources is my 33-page e-book (it’s everything you need to start biohacking~).

It’s stand-alone preview of my upcoming full-length book called Biohacking Autoimmune DIY.

At present, it is available exclusively through the Autoimmune Wellness Bundle.

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Also exclusive to the bundle is the new cookbook The Best of The Autoimmune Protocol 2015, which includes over 160 hand-picked AIP recipes from over 30 AIP Paleo bloggers (including me).


I have never ‘monetized’ my blog before. This has been intentional (I’m in it for the love~).

But I feel really good about this opportunity. For both of us.

I get $23.40 for every bundle sold if you click through from this page.

So: Tell your friends~! And:

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Autoimmune Wellness Bundle

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