How to Change~

Change This wayChange is hard.

We like our habits.

We like the safety they provide.

Even when they make us sick.

We like comfort.

Even when our comforts lead to illness (& discomfort).

Change is hard.

And changing from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to a healing protocol is a process.

I’m profoundly interested in the change process. I’ve already written about stages of change, and one of my favorite change-making tools: the force field analysis.

Force field analysisWhen I first made the change from a SAD diet to paleo and then the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), I grieved–extravagantly & extensively–for my favorite bakery pizza.

I wasn’t sure life would be worth living if I could never (never!) have it again.

That intense attachment to SAD foods & SAD patterns seems misty & far away now, but it was excruciatingly real then.

Today, I’m looking forward to a breakfast of bone broth & kale with guacamole with cucumber and a Victorious Offal Muffin. I’ll probably have a London Fog Latte, too, but today I think I’ll make it with green tea and add grass-fed collagen & vanilla powder.


I already know everything will be delicious & that I will feel completely satiated (& fantastic) afterwards.

Pizza? I can have that, too.

I’ve changed~.

How to get from SAD to AIP?

SAD to AIP in SIX~

Angie Alt

Angie Alt

Click here to view more details

The amazing Angie Alt is once again offering her program SAD to AIP in SIX starting on July 6th.

Angie is an AIP pioneer who is reversing multiple autoimmune conditions with the Autoimmune Protocol.  She is a health coach with Paleo Mom Consulting and a warm and generous mentor to AIPers everywhere.

I have the opportunity to see Angie in action on a regular basis in the virtual living rooms of the AIP blogging community. She is big-hearted, funny and thoroughly devoted to supporting the healing of people who are living with autoimmune.

That is why I can unreservedly endorse her SAD to AIP in SIX program.

Click here to view more details

This program is designed to get you onto (or back onto) the AIP in 6 transformative weeks. Each week walks you through a gradual process of eliminating inflammatory factors and introducing nutrient-dense and healing foods. So you can heal. And thrive. And change.

As a person without an autoimmune condition who has been on the AIP for 18 months, I can recommend this healing protocol to everyone, whether you have a diagnosis or are experiencing a slow deterioration of your physical and mental well-being.

Jo Frankham

Jo Frankham

Not only to do you get Angie, but 3 other certified health coaches with 1st-hand experience in reversing their own autoimmune conditions, including the wonderful Jo Frankham from Australia, ensuring 24/7 support during this 6-week program.

Click here to view more details

(These are affiliate links. The SAD to AIP in SIX program costs $100. Angie shares $20 from any sale that originates with people who believe in her program and therefore endorse it. Like me~!)

sadtoaip_large copy

One thought on “How to Change~

  1. When I clicked on your latest post this morning, I did not expect to be part of your ‘How to Change’ article…

    Thanks for the special mention, Petra.

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