25 minutes to Create a Transformation

petra8paleo tools 2When you have your life completely upended by chronic illness, you get to really think about your life.

Why you’re here.

What it’s all for.

And what you want to do with all the good days that are left.

When Matthew committed to the Healing Protocol lifestyle 2 years ago, he hadn’t had a good day in months.

Now, most of his days are good.

Which means he can do stuff. Take care of himself. And even begin to consider the future.

We created this survey to gather your feedback for a project we are developing.

It’s a project designed to support people in finding their own best strategies for reversing chronic illness and finding peak experience.

We want to devote ourselves to this~

Because we know this practice is hard.

And we also know it works.

In a recent interview with the Paleo PI, Matthew said that now “I can reliably care for my needs, for my family and participate more fully in many aspects of life.”

Which may not sound amazing.

But for someone who was almost completely disabled by chronic health issues and side-effects from medications, it’s pretty much a miracle.

Participating more fully in life has involved thinking about the future.

The Future of Health

Our future is clear: Matthew & I want to meaningfully support people who are suffering in finding their personalized path back to health.

We are committed to the growing community of people who are individually and collectively working toward this goal. And we are working on developing some resources to help with that.

We’d love your help!

We’ve set up an anonymous survey to collect information that will help us to develop tools that (we hope) will be truly useful to people who want to improve their well-being.

We would really appreciate your feedback!

Just 25 minutes to help us create a transformation~.

Find the survey here.

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The Autoimmune Wellness Bundle

Dr Sarah Ballantyne (the Paleo Mom) Rocking Out (in a a kitchen I would love to have).

Dr Sarah Ballantyne (the Paleo Mom) rocking out in a a kitchen I would dearly love to have~

Last Spring my e-book was available for a few days through the Autoimmune Wellness Bundle.

Now we’re offering the bundle again.

Until Monday November 30th.

Click here to view more details

It’s a Healing Protocol Revolution

This movement is being led by people who have been reversing their own chronic health conditions.

The Autoimmune Wellness bundle brings the collective wisdom of these n=1 pioneers together.

In one place~.

The Bundle includes 48 e-books developed by people who have been successfully reversing autoimmune disease and systemic inflammation with nutrition and lifestyle:

  • 16 AIP Cookbooks and Meal Plans;
  • 16 Lifestyle and Exercise Guides;
  • 16 Beyond the Basics books; &
  • 22 discount codes.

Biohacking Autoimmune DIY~

One of these resources is my 33-page e-book. It’s stand-alone preview of my upcoming full-length book.

And it’s available exclusively through the Autoimmune Wellness Bundle.

Click here for more details

Also exclusive to the bundle is the cookbook The Best of The Autoimmune Protocol 2015, which includes 190 hand-picked AIP recipes from over 30 AIP Paleo bloggers (including me).


I’ve never been big on ‘monetizing’ my blog. Because I’m in it for the love~.

But I feel really good about this opportunity. For both of us.

I get a share in the proceeds for every bundle sold if you click through from this page.

So: Tell your friends~! And:

Click here to find out more

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Rainbow ‘Rice’ (AIP~)

Rainbow Rice 6When walking, walk. When eating, eat.

That’s a Zen Proverb.

Eating mindfully is a powerful way to approach the diet and lifestyle changes that are required on a healing protocol.

And it is also an excellent way to begin a mindfulness practice.

Though I’m hardly an expert.

Mondful EatingI’ve been serious about yoga for 13 years, and even though yoga asanas are specifically designed to prepare the body and mind for meditation, I’m still a fussy and distracted meditator.

I do have moments of accidental mindfulness.

When I am simply here now, acutely aware of everything.

But you don’t get full marks for being accidentally mindful.

The goal is to be mindfully mindful.

Even though I consider myself to be profoundly inexpert in the mindfulness realm, eating is a good place to start.

There is something inherently contemplative about sitting quietly with a bowl of rice. Continue reading

The N=1 Healing Protocol

N=1 ProtocolHealing Protocols are proliferating.

There’s a dozen of them in 12 Healing Protocols: a guide.

And there’s more. Like #13: Dr Datis Kharrazian’s Autoimmune Gut Repair Diet.

Why so many?

Because new technology has led to new understandings about human biology and the origin of illness.

And it’s natural that as this new science has become available, people have used it to develop innovative strategies to reverse complex health conditions and improve performance.

And that those people then want share these strategies with the world.

First, because the strategies are working.

Second, because this is how our practices have evolved since the beginning of time: we try things out and then share our discoveries with each other.

But healing protocols have been multiplying so rapidly that it’s getting confusing.

People are asking: Which one? What’s the difference? Why so many? Which sometimes leads to: maybe I’ll just put a frozen pizza in the oven and try to figure all this out some other time…

I’d like to simplify things by demonstrating they are all just variations of the same protocol. Continue reading

12 Healing Protocols: a guide (part 2)

Healing Protocols 2Find part 1 of this post here.

In part 1, I considered the Autoimmune Protocol, The Wahls Protocols and the Bulletproof Diet.

This post offers an overview of 6 more healing protocols:

  • Jacob’s Gut Healing protocol;
  • The Brainmaker Diet;
  • Your Personal Paleo Code;
  • Paleo;
  • Primal; &
  • the Whole 30.

Jacob’s Gut Healing Protocol

Jacob does a beautiful job of explaining how the gut works in Digestive Health with REAL Food (2013).

This is the most restrictive protocol of the dozen, with only 4 vegetables included during the elimination phase. If you are simultaneously on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), you’ll be down to 3, as one of those (green beans) is not AIP-friendly.

created this diet specifically for people suffering from gut dysbiosis and significant digestive issues and therefore it removes all the usual foods that can cause leaky gut and systemic inflammation, as well as carbohydrates that are difficult to digest. Continue reading

12 Healing Protocols: a guide

The Healing Protocols 2So many protocols!

There seems to be more all the time. How to choose?

First, know this: they’re all based on the same science.

So they’re similar.

Food-wise, they are anti-inflammatory diets, most of which also include lifestyle components.

But interpretations of the science vary. As do the purposes of the protocols.

Choosing the right protocol is an important step for your healing. So I’ve created this primer outlining some of the similarities & differences of 12 of them~.

12 Healing Protocols

Continue reading

Crispy Kale with Olives (AIP~)

Kale & Olives 4 right side up~Being citizens of n=1 nation means that we are free to adopt whatever pattern of living enables us to achieve our health and wellness goals.

Though we share our innovations and adaptations with each other, each of us needs to find & refine our own protocol.

Having said that, there are 4 things I recommend for everyone:

  1. Sleep
  2. Nature
  3. Greens &
  4. Bone broth.

This recipe covers 50% of those things~.

Greens & Bone Broth

Eat them.

Most definitely eat them together. Like this.

So yummy, crispy & umami~.

This recipe is all you need.

Kale & Olives 3

Crispy Kale with Olives

 from petra8paleoKale & Olives

  • 3/4 cup Bone Broth
  • 3 tablespoons tallow or coconut oil (if the broth is shy on fat)
  • 1 teaspoon Himalayan Salt
  • 1 heaping teaspoon dried Marjoram
  • 2 tablespoons Coconut Aminos
  • 1 large or 2 small bunches curly Kale
  • 1/3 cup Olives

Preheat oven to 400.

Put everything but the Kale in a large oven-proof skillet.

Using scissors, cut the Kale into bite-sized pieces, removing any tough stems.

Add the Kale to the skillet. Stir and cook on the stovetop over medium heat until the Kale is wilted. Add the Olives.

Slide the skillet into the oven and bake for 20 minutes, until the top of the Kale is crispy.

If you pop some salmon in there too, supper will be ready in no time.

Serve immediately.

Mustard Greens Variation

Use Mustard Greens~


N=1 Nation

n=1Okay, this is an anthem.


It’s not a song. It’s just full of the same zeal that some people feel for their country. Or for hockey.

I get it from a sense of kinship & unity with all the people who are expanding our collective conception of health and well-being through personal inquiry.


My tribe.

Here’s my anthem:

N=1 Nation

We are n=1 nation.

We know that bioindividuality is the frontier of health and well-being.

And that the outer reaches of human capacity have barely been explored~.

We are aware that each of us has to fine-tune our own pattern of living through individualized experimentation.

And that by doing so we can influence how our genes are expressed.

We are n=1 nation.

We revere the teachings of the ancients. And the patterns of living codified over millennia by our ancestors.

Two of my favourite biohackers: Joanna Frankham & Rory Linehan

Two of my favourite members of n=1 Nation: Joanna Frankham & Rory Linehan

And we respect the quantum.

We believe in using the latest technology to measure results. And in using that information to inform personalized adaptation.

We accept that mainstream medicine is based on dated science and 20th century strategies.

But we don’t assume that one path is right for everyone.

Instead, we believe in gathering data. And sharing what we find with each other.

We assume that everyone can improve the quality of their life through using evidence from their own n=1 experiments.

My favorite Healers & Optimizers, from the top, left to right: Angie, Alt, Chris Kresser, Sarah Ballantyne, my husband Matthew~, Eileen Laird, Terry Wahls, Dave Asprey, Mickey Trescott, Mark Sisson

More members of n=1 Nation~ (from the top, left to right: Angie, Alt, Chris Kresser, Sarah Ballantyne, Matthew Chambers-Sinclair, Eileen Laird, Terry Wahls, Dave Asprey, Mickey Trescott & Mark Sisson)

We are biohackers~.

We are exploring new ways to reverse ‘uncurable’ illnesses. To reach states of peak experience and peak performance that in previous generations were only available to the elite.

We are ordinary people. Doing extraordinary things.

That humans were designed to do~.

We are n=1 nation.

We are reprogramming our brains. To reduce the limitations of trauma. And mitigate (and even invert) the effects of aging.

We are spreading the healing (because healing spreads) from each of us to others. From us to the planet. Because we are all connected.

As people have done since the beginning of time, we are finding out what it really means to be human. Accelerated~.

To meet the challenges that lie ahead.

To express our genetic destiny.

To evolve ~fully~ as a species.

We are n=1 nation.

And you are welcome here~

Everyone is welcome here.

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