25 minutes to Create a Transformation

petra8paleo tools 2When you have your life completely upended by chronic illness, you get to really think about your life.

Why you’re here.

What it’s all for.

And what you want to do with all the good days that are left.

When Matthew committed to the Healing Protocol lifestyle 2 years ago, he hadn’t had a good day in months.

Now, most of his days are good.

Which means he can do stuff. Take care of himself. And even begin to consider the future.

We created this survey to gather your feedback for a project we are developing.

It’s a project designed to support people in finding their own best strategies for reversing chronic illness and finding peak experience.

We want to devote ourselves to this~

Because we know this practice is hard.

And we also know it works.

In a recent interview with the Paleo PI, Matthew said that now “I can reliably care for my needs, for my family and participate more fully in many aspects of life.”

Which may not sound amazing.

But for someone who was almost completely disabled by chronic health issues and side-effects from medications, it’s pretty much a miracle.

Participating more fully in life has involved thinking about the future.

The Future of Health

Our future is clear: Matthew & I want to meaningfully support people who are suffering in finding their personalized path back to health.

We are committed to the growing community of people who are individually and collectively working toward this goal. And we are working on developing some resources to help with that.

We’d love your help!

We’ve set up an anonymous survey to collect information that will help us to develop tools that (we hope) will be truly useful to people who want to improve their well-being.

We would really appreciate your feedback!

Just 25 minutes to help us create a transformation~.

Find the survey here.

Petra & Matthew 2 cropped

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