Coming Soon: A New Platform!

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There’s nothing like a serious chronic illness to help re-set priorities. And we’re clear: our priorities lie with supporting others in their efforts to heal.

Matthew and I are developing a new platform that will offer individualized support for people who are taking personal responsibility for their health.

We’ve been working on this platform since the summer and we’ll be launching it soon.

The new site will be based on the idea that when it comes to health and healing, we are all unique. It’s the variations in our health status, goals, environment and genetic expression that determine the individualized pattern of living that will best support our well-being.

Eventually, once all the phases are rolled out, the new site will support the process of figuring all that out.

Assessment Statement

A comprehensive health assessment

We’re tremendously excited & I wanted to tell you about it!

Phase one of our new site will include this blog. In a new location.

And a free, comprehensive health assessment.

Because a personalized journey to health involves knowing where you are starting from. And being able to measure change as you go.

This weekend I’ve been combing through my back-posts from petra8paleo (all 240 of them!) deciding what to bring over to the new platform and what to leave behind. As I’ve been doing this I’ve been realizing what an amazing companion this blog has been for the past 2½ years.

I’m really grateful to everyone who’s joined me (& stuck with me) during this time. I feel like I am part of a community.

Last week I wrote the ‘about’ page for the new site and here’s the text that explains how we got from where we started to where we are now:

About Biohack U

Matthew and Petra were two professionals with three kids and a big mortgage when Matthew became disabled by autoimmune disease.

At first he followed the advice of his doctors, but his condition worsened until he ended up in bed 18-20 hours a day, almost completely unable function.

Using Petra’s background in research and evaluation and Matthew’s knowledge of continuous quality improvement from the aerospace industry, they created an approach to healing that side-stepped the medical industry and focused instead on individualized experimentation based on real data.

In the process they joined a growing worldwide community of people who are taking personal responsibility for their health, and learned that almost everyone who tries a healing protocol lifestyle requires a customized approach to get the best results.

Whether you have been on this path for a long time or are just starting, Biohack U is designed to support healing and optimization through customization based on your bioindividuality.

Phase one is [almost!] live and contains a comprehensive health assessment as well as Petra’s biohacking blog, where she has documented their n=1 experimentation and shared information with the healing protocol community since 2013.

Future phases are in the works and will include a robust platform comprised of simple and effective tools for running self-experiments to help you achieve your health goals.

Matthew is proof that this approach can work. He is now managing complex health conditions with nutrition, lifestyle practices and targeted interventions based on personalized data.

Stay Tuned!

We’re hoping you will join us at our new site as soon as it’s launched.

And that you’ll help us spread the word.

We want to help people to find a pattern of living that will enable them to heal and thrive through n=1 experimentation.

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