Paleo Family Toolkit (just until the 28th~)

paleofamilytoolkit3nov16The Paleo Family Toolkit is available until November 28th and includes my e-book Helping a Loved-One Heal.

You can learn more about the toolkit by clicking through or reading more below.

This toolkit includes 42 curated e-books and programs, 12 video interviews with thought leaders from the Paleo community, and 50+ discount codes.

Just for signing up to get more information you’ll  get free stuff, including a Paleo quick-start guide, exclusive access to a live Q&A webinar with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne and more.

This is the last time the toolkit will be offered. Click through to get your free stuff before the toolkit sale starts on November 24th!

When you opt-in for free stuff and more information about the toolkit, you don’t have to pay anything. You’ll have time to decide if this toolkit is a good investment for you.

If you do decide to buy the Paleo Family Toolkit, you’ll have lifetime access to these resources from the perpetual online platform. So you can easily view and stream content online whenever you like from your computer, tablet and smartphone, and download only those resources you wish with no download limits.

Helping a Loved-one Heal

My book is called Helping a Loved-one Heal: N=1 experimentation and paleo healing protocols for caregivers. and it’s included in the Paleo Family Toolkit.

My book designed to provide caregivers with the most effective new methods to support healing for the people they love, but it can also be used by people who want to heal themselves.

Helping a Loved-one Heal_Cover1It’s the book I wish I’d had before I got so much hands-on experience!


  • Outlines the various Paleo Healing Protocols and explains how to customize them;
  • Explores ways to start a healing protocol, including when someone is reluctant to begin;
  • Shares stories about what real-life healing looks like;
  • Devotes a section of the book to the change process, with practical information about traditional and innovative ways of understanding and implementing change;
  • Gives clear instructions for safely engaging in customized experimentation to improve health based on personal responses to interventions;
  • Explains the role of measurement in the healing process, with instructions for easy approaches that can be implemented right away;
  • Delves deeply into strategies for coping as a caregiver; and
  • Provides tools and links to support all aspects of helping a loved-one heal.

In this book I provide a template, not only for getting through the experience of caregiving but for becoming stronger in the process.

The Paleo Family Toolkit

I wrote my book for the love, but I also get an affiliate share for every person who opts-in to receive more information about the toolkit though this page, whether you buy the toolkit or not. You get free stuff and I get an affiliate payment, so it’s a win-win!

The toolkit was offered last Spring for $49. The price has been dropped for this final 5-day offering to $39.

Sign up for more information here.

Thank for your support!


One thought on “Paleo Family Toolkit (just until the 28th~)

  1. Shame I missed this bundle – are you going to make your ebook available elsewhere? Thanks for all you do, love your detailed posts, I look forward to your new project x Sabine

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