Calling All Humans! (I need your insight)

BeachI’m launching.

It’s official.

I’m quitting my job & committing to working full-time on the one thing that I think will make the biggest different to our planet right now.

I need your feedback on my plan.

So, I’m asking you to read something and then share your honest reaction.

Note: Thank you to everyone who responded (85 of you… I feel so honoured). I have incorporated all your feedback into my idea and it has evolved substantially as a result. So I have closed this survey and will launch a 2nd one based on my new & improved vision soon.)


  1. Start with my description of the platform I want to build; then
  2. Head to the survey I’ve developed to capture your feedback.

They both link to each other, so start wherever you like~.

I’m so excited. This is the thing I want to do with the rest of life.

And I really, really appreciate your help with making it a reality.

Want to do more? Share this with your friends!


Me, being excited about the rest of my life!

10 thoughts on “Calling All Humans! (I need your insight)

  1. Hi Petra, I can’t gain access to the platform description — it requires email address and password. Is there another way to see it? I think about you and Matthew from time to time, as I followed your journeys for so long. And I’m delighted to hear that you’re planning to quit your job and do something that is in line with your deepest convictions! Yay!

    Shannon from Sutton, Quebec


  2. I’m so happy for you Petra. Kudos to you for pursuing your goals and taking the plunge into the unknown. Your platform is a fantastic idea and I know it will be useful to so many folks.

    • Thank you so much for your good wishes, Katie! I’ve been overwhelmed by the response to my survey since I sent it out yesterday. So many people are willing to help me! Some people are finding the description too technical, which I can appreciate. I’m trying to pack a lot of information into a manageable amount of words. But people are persevering nonetheless. I really appreciate all the support~.

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